Vastupidavad seadmekaevude ja pumplate lahendused

RB betoonist seadmekaevud ja pumplad on ideaalsed lahendused liiklusalatele. Tooted saab lahendada projektipõhiselt.

Õige toode õiges kohas

We supply the equipment manholes and pump stations in cooperation with Lining Ltd. Lining LATE equipment manholes are manufactured to control and adjust active water networks. We can equip the manholes with data transfer systems. Manholes are manufactured based on the customer project specification.

LATE product family offers you solutions for flow and pressure monitoring, air removal, pressure and flow rate adjustment and additional services to follow your network status. RB concrete LATE equipment manholes are factory made solutions where are needed technology is already installed into the product. The works at installation site are therefore minimized and you can save plenty of time during the installation process. The manholes are designed to be used under traffic areas. The pump stations are equipped with Hidrostal pumps to ensure prefect functionality under demanding wastewater plants. The pump stations are also factory made – ready to be lifted to the trench at installation site.

Our offering of pump stations suite even the most demanding requirements on municipal infrastructure. We can additionally supply the service buildings, clean water supply pressure increase stations, wastewater supply pressure increase stations, flow pass stations, mobiles stations, property and plot connected pump stations and drainage pump stations.

Our expertise on choosing the best technical components is at your service. RB modular element manhole system is a good alternative for at site casted and equipped manholes. We help you with the design process as intention to maximize functionality and energy efficiency of the manhole.

The best equipment and pump stations on the region


Toomas Matt
ESEC Estonia OÜ